The school has been part of events such as Eisteddfods, staging our own operetta in 1972, choral activities, dancing – the staging of musical Ipi Ntombi in 1983 and many other events.

Sport – the school was one of the top rugby schools in the area under the guidance of Bill Bowker, Tom Bosman and later Malcolm Roberts and Myron Heemro. Unfortunately due to a lack of facilities in the area and reduction of teaching staff, this code was excluded.

Netball was also the top code amongst the girls, with some gaining EP colours in the 80s. This code is not being played as regularly as in the past because of the volatile situation the area. Schools from outside the Helenvale are not prepared to come play in the area any longer. We also offer Mini – Netball for the foundation phase.

Soccer is one of the favourite codes in the area, with the school having u/ 12 and u/ 14 teams as well as a girls team. There is an ever – improving climate visible.

Cricket and Mini – cricket are also codes being offered at school

With the staging of our 2017 – Inter – House Athletics in February, athletics and cross – country are also gaining impetus and hopefully will soon reached the heights of the 80’s. 

  • The school is also involved in the national WOW spelling competition, that is organised by the University of Stellenbosch.
  • We also pride ourselves in the school’s vegetables garden, where learners are taught by Mr. P. Jacobs and Mr. Sam Wentzel how to care for gardens and encouraged to start their own at home.
  • The school is also the venue for the Literature Club, where learners from Helenvale and Hillcrest are trained on literature and writing skills.
  • Our learner are part of a project called “Breakfast for better days”, under the auspices of Kellogs. All the learners are given cereal with milk before school starts. This is followed by a meal later in the day supplied by the Education Department. This improved learner attendance dramatically.